Scheduled server moving

We advise all our customers that in the days 15-16 November 2014, is scheduled to move AZNS servers in housing at Marghera (VE) datacenter at the new datacenter of Padua. The shift is necessary for the increased need for bandwidth and physical space, not available by the actual datacenter. The shift will shut off the entire infrastructure hosted […]

Setting the rate limit in Ruby on Rails

We continue the journey in the safety of API started in the last article, with a discussion on the implementation of the Rate Limit in Ruby on Rails. The purpose of the rate limit is to avoid that a given IP address performs too many API requests in a given unit of time. So we’re not talking about brute […]

Two safety tips to develop API

Two safety tips to develop API from an expert

In the last period I am working a lot in the development of API: either because the English startup LTD of which are one of the founders sells a product based exclusively on API, either because the development of web products open and, therefore, able to integrate between them, is becoming a necessity for many […]

RAML: a language for the API documentation

These days I’m in love with RAML, a programming language created to document effectively the API. In fact, I am participating all’APIConUK, a three-day conference focused on the world of API. Among the many interesting talks (the days are very intense: five each day), one in particular caught my attention … and the case would […]

Qualche consiglio per migliorare il profilo LinkedIn

A few tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

As already said a few weeks ago, far from me to be an expert in social media marketing, but in the last few weeks I have been active in this thing and, experimenting a lot, I have made ​​some progress in my situation. In particular, about my profession, I have found particularly useful LinkedIn: For those […]