Scheduled server moving

We advise all our customers that in the days 15-16 November 2014, is scheduled to move AZNS servers in housing at Marghera (VE) datacenter at the new datacenter of Padua.

The shift is necessary for the increased need for bandwidth and physical space, not available by the actual datacenter.

The shift will shut off the entire infrastructure hosted in Marghera and, with the occasion, will be performed some cleaning and routine maintenance on the server, in addition to updating the backup for disaster recovery BEFORE the start of the shift.

During the shutdown period will no longer be possible or view websites hosted at Marghera, nor read and send e-mail. In any case, your inbox will not be lost but will be taken over by the MX backup in the data center in London, which will deliver it to the destination server when rebooted.

Being a mere physical movement and not a change of supplier, all existing configurations will be reactivated without making any changes in the new datacenter, so there is no need for reconfiguration: in particular, will not change the current IP address assigned to the server and therefore does not need change the DNS and wait for propagation times.

If there are special needs for continuity which is not tolerable for a firm of a few hours during the weekend, we are willing to study with you the most appropriate solutions to migrate your websites and emails in a “soft” way in the new Padua datacenter or in London before moving physical servers from Marghera.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, rest assured that you will appreciate the quality of the new interconnection once went into production.

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