Interview with TG RAI Sicily

Interview with TG RAI Sicily

During last week, I went to Palermo to give a lecture at ITIS Vittorio Emanuele III, an high school that has the very special characteristic of having an internal business incubator dedicated to students who want to learn how to make entrepreneurship.

I would be definitely more comfortable to talk about subjects very technical, but, at the end, the lesson took into consideration how you can use social networks to effectively advertise your business. Basically I reported what was learned in the courses of Social Marketing in which I participated in England, adding my personal experience of the last few months.

Obviously it was just an introduction to the topic with the aim of giving the kids some basic rules that will allow him to investigate the matter independently: each task is different and therefore there are no laws still apply, but in this area must experience a little ‘and find what is the most effective method for each requirement … and that is what will have to make the boys in the future.

Having been invited to lecture me proud, but there was so much more.

At you can see the evening edition of the TG of region Sicily aired tonight at dinner time on RAI 3; at minute 12:30 you will find a report about this school activities and about the lesson, as well as a brief interview with the Headmaster, with me and with the teacher who invited me.

Aside from the small inaccuracy of the journalist in present myself (have a startup hosted by Google at TechHub London incubator is not exactly being the referent of Google for incubators … hope my friend Larry Page do not get angry seeing the service), great pride for this experience, a big thank you to the guys that I have endured and to all the people who made it possible! | Interview with TG RAI Sicily

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