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Migrating from WordPress to Octopress

WordpressI know that for this choice I’ll take the criticism of the “geek“, but it is obvious that my adventure with Octopress was not the best, so I decided to go back to WordPress.

Let me be clear, Octopress is a fantastic system, having a blog in pure html which can not be compromised in any way makes you sleep soundly and speed of the system during navigation is deadly!

The problem is that since I installed it, my production of articles has declined dramatically: I have never come into harmony with the markdown language and having to recompile the site locally for each new article had become a waste of valuable time, especially for the Italian version of the blog that contains many posts. Last mange, often with MacOS rake gave problems due to the presence of characters that are not compatible with the UTF8 standard: use the Mac only when I’m out of the office, but lately I find myself more and more often around … let’s say that the definition of “citizen of the world” lately fits me like a glove.

At this point I made ​​the decision to “go back” to the dear old wordpress, but it is presented with a problem: how to migrate another time all posts by Octopress to the new installation of wordpress?

In my rescue came a wordpress plugin: FeedWordPress is a wordpress plugin that is capable of reading from an RSS feed and populate the blog. Just feed it with /atom.xml to import the posts with ease. Unfortunately, you lose the category and keywords settings, but at least the historian is safe (and the Google indexing engine thanks).

Last issue, however, concerns the number of posts in the atom.xml feed which is limited to only the last 20 posts. Is needed to edit the file source/atom.xml removing the “limit 20” in the for loop in order to have all the related posts nell’atom.xml.


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