AZAuth: an oAuth 2.0 OpenSource system

AZAuth is an oAuth 2.0 OpenSource authentication system.

oAuth 2.0
oAuth 2.0

It’s one of our project, created to satisfy a need of programming: in fact in all the web application we create, we are always having to reinvent the wheel” by creating a system of authentication and billing. We decided, therefore, to create a standalone authentication system, that can be valid for all applications that we create, so you do not have to face every time the same problem: the choice of the communication protocol is falling on the 2.0 version of oAuth (for friends oAuth2), which is the same authentication protocol used by big players like Facebook, Google and Twitter. At this point many of you, those who have experience in programming web application, will wonder how you ever create another oAuth 2.0 server when you can directly interface to the authentication mechanisms of Google, Facebook and Twitter. The answer is simple: they are away. Normally our web applications are formed by a server-side core that exposes REST-API  to the outside; these are “consumed” by a high level interface, such as a web interface “client-only” (ie made AngularJS) or a mobile application for SmartPhone: in this case, the API server receives a command from the frontend that must be authenticated from time to time and, therefore, having a local authentication system allows speeding up all. For your convenience, we have integrated into authentication application also a “prepaid” billing system in order to have a single “safe place” where live everything about the customer. The application is built in Ruby on Rails and uses a MongoDB database for persistent storage of data and a Redis storage to keep in memory logged in users. All views were realized with Twitter Bootstrap to ensure that they are easily adaptable. Obviously, a similar application should be kept up to date over time: it is not our main business, so we decided to make it completely open source with the hope that will be born a community of developers who can help us in maintaining. We are aware that create an open source community is a slow process, so to cope with the upcoming tasks, we created a kickstarter campaign: if the product of your interest, you have until August 22 to help. It was also written a short article on our initiative.

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