Data Center Federation in OpenNebula

Data Center Federation in OpenNebula

In the latest versions of OpenNebula, has been added a functionality which is really interesting for us: the Data Center Federation. We have already spoken several times in the past about OpenNebula, an OpenSource software to manage cloud infrastructures based on Xen, KVM or VMWare. A few days ago was released the version 4.8 that significantly improves […]

Qualche problema al FranceIX?

Any problems at FranceIX?

Edit: there are some news coming from FranceIx. Here is the link to an official post with the explanation. In the afternoon of Monday, August 18, many of us have encountered problems in communications to France. In France there is the main OVH datacenter, a provider of hosting and colocation also very popular in Italy: […]


ElasticSearch with MongoDB

When the indexes of MongoDB database are not enough, better to rely on a specific product to implement the search. In this post we talk about integration between MongoDB and ElasticSearch as the basis for a service on Ruby on Rails I’m working on a new project for a client who has the need to […]


Return to wordpress

Migrating from WordPress to Octopress I know that for this choice I’ll take the criticism of the “geek“, but it is obvious that my adventure with Octopress was not the best, so I decided to go back to WordPress. Let me be clear, Octopress is a fantastic system, having a blog in pure html which […]

AZAuth: an oAuth 2.0 OpenSource system

AZAuth is an oAuth 2.0 OpenSource authentication system. It’s one of our project, created to satisfy a need of programming: in fact in all the web application we create, we are always having to “reinvent the wheel” by creating a system of authentication and billing. We decided, therefore, to create a standalone authentication system, that […]