Our AlwaysResolve new service

The goal has been achieved: we set out to start the service later this month and we did it. Yet one day in advance, which is not bad considering that it is said that, for good luck, on Friday you should not start anything new.
Here is AlwaysResolve : This is a new service that is based on an Anycast network infrastructure (ie where multiple servers hosted in different datacenters share the same IP address through multiple ads BGP) which hosts our DNS servers.
Our DNS has the characteristic of being “dynamic”, so is achieving rapid update and so any changes you make to the record are immediately propagated: no more unnecessary downtime waiting DNS propagation.
The DDNS service is not new, there are already many other suppliers on the market for several years: why create a new one? Because ordinary Dynamic DNS services are not what we want but are limited only to a classic DDNS service.
The idea of ​​AlwaysResolve is to use an established technology such as the Dynamic DNS to manage multidatacenter high availability of any web service and, therefore, either be protected from any failure of an entire infrastructure, both from DDOS attacks. This functionality is performed by an integrated system that checks continuously the operation of your server from multiple locations in the world and, in case of failure, changes the DNS accordingly.
The system is completed by a cache service hosting “last resort”, that downloads overnight a static copy of your site and which comes into operation when all servers are unreachable, so you do not lose any points in indexing on search engines.
We decided to create three levels of service:

  • Basic plan: manage two servers in high availability, and possibly associate a cache service “last resort” in the event of failure of both servers.
  • Professional plan: allows you to manage multiple servers in load balancing; unreachable servers are automatically excluded from the pool, even it is possible to associate a cache service “last resort” in case of failure of all servers.
  • Enterprise plan: still being finalized, will distribute the load on the servers based on the geographical origin of the visitor in order to lower the latency and offer location-based content in an automatic manner, even in this case, of course, you can associate a cache service “last resort” in case of failure of all servers.

Accompanying the paid services two free services:

  • A completely free service to check the speed of your site as it is seen by the whole world;
  • A classic DDNS service with the additional functionality to automatically display a “welcome page” in case of unavailability of the server, offered in a “pay with advertising” way in which the service will run based on the amount of advertising you really can do to our service.