At the end I did not resist

As usual prove to yield to the desire for change: I change distributions on my PC and engines of my website, with the same frequency with which I change the sweaters!
Well, in the end I did not resist the call of the fashion of the moment: here moved my blog on the platform Octopress.

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) the increasing commitments do not allow me to keep up with due attention the blogging platform built at the end of 2012 in Rails: additional features such as integration with the CRM are not ready yet for lack of time, the ‘import content from the old blog even more …
At this point it’s needed a rational choice and not of the heart: to abandon a self-built platform for the public domain that maintained the prerogatives of lightness and functionality that I could not find in WordPress. In this way I hope to have more time to treat more the contents than the form.

I admit that I have worked a lot on graphics as I decided to use the default theme Octopress I’ve always liked both for readability and for lightness, and I hope that this new version of the site like also to all of you!

But what is Octopress?
Octopress is an old way of making sites, but it is well suited to the need for speed and simplicity of the Internet Modern: unlike traditional CMS that process the individual page for each request, with Octopress you processes all the site content in local once and you load on the server the html code ready. So you move the time required for the elaboration of the blog pages to the author computer, raising the servers to this task … for the benefit of the speed of the site.
With Octopress you have available some commands written in Ruby that are used to “fill” the blog. In fact we make the blog content in local PC using the language markdown and then launch commands Octopress to convert markdown file in html static files. Obviously you have themes available, which are nothing more than just style sheets .css connected to html pages: it is through these .css that the site secondhand aesthetically pleasing and is “responsive” then displayed correctly on mobile devices with small screen .